Online Resources for Parents


General Resources

 Healthy Children, AAP
CDC - Center for Disease Control
Kids Health for Parents
American Heart Association for Children
The Anti-Drug Website for Parents

Injury Prevention (categorized by age)
TIPP - The Injury Prevention Program, -AAP

Car Seats
Car Seats: Information for Families 
Manufacturer Recall Information- NHTSA
Carseat Ease of Use Rating Scale- NHTSA
  Inspection Stations  (locations near you)
   La Leche League
   Newborn Screening
   Vision Screening
      Developmental Issues of Early Childhood
Over the Counter (OTC) Medication- FDA
         Kids Aren't Just Small Adults
      Got a Sick Kid?  Read the Label
      Understanding OTC Medicine Labels
      Understanding OTC Pain Relievers/Fever Reducers
   CDC - Vaccines
Traveling outside the country
   General Information
   Information on specific destinations

Resources Just for Kids!

Kids Health

Learning Math and Reading


Young Adolescents (pre-teen)

   Kids Health

Physical Activities and Exercise
   Body and Mind, Physical Fitness - (9-13 years old)

  Adolescents (teenager)

        Teen Health


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