As parents, you’ll soon discover that the essence of effective childcare begins with planning ahead! And we recommend practicing this skill even before the baby gets here. To ensure a smooth transition between your hospital discharge and baby’s arrival at home, we’ve prepared a quick checklist of things you can stock up on right now:


Baby wipes

Diaper rash cream
(highest percentage of zinc oxide you can find)

Ziploc bags for soiled clothing and diaper disposal

Bottles and/or formula
(if no plans to breastfeed)

Burp cloths

Saline nose drops

Bulb syringe

Rectal thermometer
(by far the most accurate in infants)

Infant Tylenol or Acetaminophen
(call before administering any fever reducer)

PSNW Emergency Contact magnet/brochure

Start college fund
(Of course, we’re kidding about this one,
but it’s not a bad idea!)

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